Stock Notes June 2016

Stock Picks

Ticker COL Pick? Fair Value Buy Below Notes
 AC Previously  800.00 695.00  Hold.
 MBT Previously  92.00  80.00
 SMPH Previously  21.70  18.80
 ALI  Yes  41.67  36.00
 RLC  Yes 29.60  25.70
 EEI  Previously 9.80  7.60
 DNL  Yes 8.80  7.60
 CNPF  Yes 21.50  17.20  Limit Exposure:Liquidity Risk
 EW  Yes 26  20.08  Limit Exposure:Liquidity Risk


  • Consider buying MBT at 65.00.
  • Consider buying EEI at extremely low price (around 4.00-4.90). Buy as much shares as owned to offset the huge temporary losses.


Mutual Funds

Ticker Fund Name Buy Below Notes
 XPEIF  The Philequity PSE Index Fund 4.3949
 XSLIF  Sun Life Prosperity Philippines Stock Index Fund 0.8477

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